Order the shipping case the Pros use! Now in a variety of over 114 different shipping case sizes and many different custom case configurations. Empty, foam filled or foam lined; These rugged-duty Parker Hard Cases are constructed of high density polyethylene to provide a safe, economical way to ship valuable electronic devices, personal computers and peripherals, cameras, and other sensitive equipment. We can provide you with custom transit cases for deployed systems and field service kits made to your spec's - we can provide foam design, drawings and prototypes.   Registered at CCR/ORCA/SAM.gov  

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These rugged Silver HMWPE Transport Cases withstand temperature variations of -180 degrees F to 180 degrees F., is resistant to solvents, and will not blister or peel.  We make custom cases for test equipment!

SW Series - Wheeled/Lined

This Parker Transit case features edge casters, lined with 2" foam.      


SW series Transit case with wheels and no foam.
Deep drawn cases

Deep Base Cases

Deep Base depth standouts.


DX Series - Deluxe Tote case

These Parker cases have an extendable handle & wheels, empty.


Deluxe extendable handle and wheels case with no foam.

TSWT -H&W w/Lift off lids

Large / Tall cases with telescoping handle and wheels.


Lift off lid cases that are very large shipping cases.

XHDT Rugged Tote Cases

Recessed Hardware cases with handle & wheels, foam lined.


XHDT recessed hardware case with handle & wheels.

ATA Cases -Category 300

Custom ATA cases, all materials, all sizes and types.

ATA cases, fabricated custom size roadie case.


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