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Parker Shipping Containers

Parker Shipping Containers

Now in a variety of over 75 different sizes. These rugged-duty containers are constructed of high density polyethylene to provide a safe, economical way to ship valuable electronic devices, personal computers and peripherals, cameras, video equipment and other sensitive equipment. A variety of sizes provide dimensions for your every need. Each case is available empty or with either a 2” foam-lined interior or a 2” layered full-foam interior which is easily cut with an enclosed knife to fit your most demanding dimensions. Custom foam interiors are available in quantities of 5 or more. The foam absorbs shock and will support weights of 250 lbs per square inch. The permanent white finish withstands temperature variations of -180 degrees F to 180 degrees F. Is resistant to solvents, and will not blister or peel. These cases meet ATA spec 300, but are only water-proof not water-tight.


Replacement Hardware

Replacement Hardware

Replacement hardware for Parker shipping cases.

Antenna Kits for EMC

Antenna Kits for EMC

Wide selection of antennas for EMI compliance or precompliance testing.

Com-Power EMI / EMC broadband and tuned antennas cover the frequency range of 9 kHz - 40 GHz. Most electronic products are required meet the various international EMC regulatory standards before they are introduced to the market. Com-Power broadband antennas were designed to test these products for compliance. These antennas can be used for both EMI radiated emission and immunity testing. Some of the EMC standards require testing include FCC Part 15, MIL-STD 461, FAA- DO-160, CISPR22, IEC-1000-4-3, and EN 55022.

Most of these standards allows the use of broadband antennas such a biconical, log periodic, Loop, Combilogs and horns. However, they must be calibrated to yield an antenna factors using procedured given in ANSI C63.4 and CISPR 16 in calibrated open area test site (OATS). These factors are applied as a correction to the measurement during EMC product compliance testing. DIpole antennas are considered the standard antenna to use for site attenuation measurement and as a reference for calibrating biconical and log periodic antennas operating up to 1 GHz. The 41 inch Actve Monopole antenna sometime's referred as rod antenna is used for Mil-Std 461 and Belcore GR1089 electric field testing below 30 MHz.

In addition to our line of passive antennas, Com-Power also has active horn antennas. These antennas were designed to improve measurement capability of EMC labs for frequencies above 1 GHz. Most broadband passive horn antenna operating above 1 GHz, have antenna factors that reduces ability to measure low amplitude signal. The signal levels picked up the antenna may not be detected by EMI receiver unless it is sufficently amplified. These antennas have built in preamplifiers. The signal are amplified immediately at the antenna output terminal to increase signal output.

All Com-Power antennas are suitable for in house troubleshooting or pre compliance emissions testing. Radiated Immunity testing can also be done in house but will require substantial investment in facility such a sheilded room, anchoic chamber, power amplifier, field probes. sofware and other insturmentation. Pre compliance testing will reduce time spent at a commercial EMI test lab troubleshooting EMI problems. Using a suitable antenna the engineer can debug the problem, experiment with design changes and implement a solution before taking it back to EMC lab for the final compliance testing.


Hardware Gallery

This Gallery page is to help you determine which replacement hardware you need for your case.





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